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Taste is perhaps the most complex of the senses. Although we learned in school that the cells on the tongue only differentiate between 4 different directions of taste – bitter, sweet, sour and salty – that can”t be everything. For a rough estimation and to determine the sweetness, acidity and tannin of a wine, this is enough.

But what about all of the other tastes which are typical to the sort? Why does Burgunder taste nutty and bready? Well, the thing about taste nerves is one thing, but here the other senses play a role as well. Anyone who has ever had a stuffy nose and eaten something will have discovered how strongly taste and smell are related. This can be blamed on the aroma molecules. Not the flighty ones which we inhale, but the water soluble ones which are first broken down as we chew and swallow, but then recognize through our nose as we exhale. Even the sense of touch plays a role, since in addition to taste, we also judge how the wine feels and its density as it goes down. This information is relayed through ”touch“ on the tongue, and the palate is ”examined“ by the tongue, but this process is delegated to the taste category.