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Now tilt your nose into the glass. Depending on the wine, various scents will rise into your nostrils. We are often asked why the Chardonnay has such a strawberry air about it, and if we add aromatic enhancers. No, we don′t. The aromas are partially already in the grapes, and some develop during the fermentation process. Still others develop during the aging process. The so-called aroma molecules are flighty. Otherwise we couldn′t perceive them through the air. These are led through the sensory cells in the nose directly to the brain. There are over 10,000 smells that our noses can differentiate. But we can only recognize those smells which are familiar. Thus someone who has never smelled mango before will not recognize mango. The range of smells depends on the culture. And since every culture has its own special assortment of known smells, almost every nation has its own special range of smells. To simplify things, we have a spread of all the scents from the Austrian range.

Berry - Blackberry
- Raspberry
- Strawberry
- Black Currant
Pitted and seeded fruit- Cherry
- Apricot
- Peach
- Apple
Tropical fruit- Pineapple
- Banana
- Mango
- Papaya
- Honey Melon
Citrus fruit- Grapefruit
- Lemon
Dried fruit- Raisins
- Prunes
- Dried Figs
Other- Strawberry Jam
- Synthetic fruit soft drink
- Methyl-Anthranilate
Flowery- Geranium
- Violet
- Rose
- Orange blossom
- Linalool
Spicy - Cloves
- Black Pepper
- Licorice
- Anis
Nutty - Walnut
- Almond
- Haselnut
Fresh- pomace
- fresh grass
- herbal plants
- green pepper
- mint
- eucalyptus
Cooked/preserved- green beans
- green asparagus
- black olive
- artichoke
Dried- hay
- straw
- tea
- tobacco
Carmelized - honey
- caramel candy
- butter
- soy sauce
- (bitter) chocolate
- Molasses
- bread (bready)
Phenolic- phenolic
- vanilla
Sap, tannin- Cedar
Tannin- Oak (i.e. Allier)
Burnt- Smoky
- burnt toast
- coffee
Earthy- dust
- fungus
Mouldy- musty
- mouldy cork
Petroleum- diesel
- gasoline
- kerosine, tar
- plastic
Sulphuric- wet wool
- wet dog
- sulfur dioxide
- burning match
- lithic flake (flint)
- cooked cabbage, skunk
- garlic
- mercaptan
- rotten eggs (H2S)
- rubber
Paper- layers of filters
- wet cardboard
Pungent- fusel alcohol
- ethanol
- acetic acid
- ethyl acetate
Other pungent smells
- sorbic acid
- soap
- fish smell
Pungent- alcohol
Cool- menthol
Oxidated - acetaldehyde
Yeasty- sediment
- film-forming yeast
Lactic- lactic acid
- sweat
- butyric acid
- sauerkraut
Other - mouse urine
- horse sweat
Tones of Aging - Russian leather
- petroleum
- Firn