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Ausbau, Keller und Lagerung

Cellar techniques

The first half occurs of course in the vineyard. If the vines are well-tended and the plants and fruits are healthy and ripen well, then nothing stands between them and the development of a good pure wine, or a cuvee. But how the end result then tastes depends to a large extent on the techniques applied in the cellar.


First of all, it makes a big difference where the wine is stored. This ranges from the good old wooden barrel, to the early cement containers (still exist today), then there are the tanks and of course the barrique barrel. As with fashion, the applicable storage possibilities vary. Thirty years ago, an Austrian wine that was stored in a barrique barrel would have flunked on the grounds of ”barrel taste“. Then along came the barrique boom, which is momentarily slowing down again. Tanks are usually used for fruity, peppy wines. Full-bodied white wines and most of the red wines are stored in wood, some large some small. Everything is allowed and the choice of the appropriate container is a determining factor for how the wine will taste later.

Malolactic Fermentation