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Now we know that there are different varieties, and also that one can take the same variety and produce different results through different handling procedures. A further criterion for the variation of wines is the different storage possibilities. It may seem perfectly clear that wines from southern regions taste different than wines from northern regions, but there are also differences within the same region. If one goes from the assumption that the vine takes its nourishment from the ground, then it is not inconsequential of which minerals that soil is comprised. We don′t want to make a science out of it, but it is a fact that a Welschriesling from heavy soil brings forth an apple aroma, whereas the same variety on light ground results in citrus aromas.

The region around Lake Neusiedl has a very differentiated earth structure — from loess and ”black earth“ to gravel and sand — and as a result allows for a variety of vitis vinifera (Latin: common grapevines) to grow. That means several varieties feel at home in our region.

Hofacker: Humus sand to sandy gravel, light to medium-heavy ground. Zweigelt
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